Large Ceramic Vessel “Solines” series - Blue

Large Ceramic Vessel “Solines” series - Blue


This ceramic vessel is part of  the “Solines” range. This range is created on the potter’s wheel with black clay. Simple cylindrical forms of different heights are thrown, trimmed and then assembled with small attachments. This decorative piece can be used as vase if desired. It was fired in an electric kiln to 1280°C.


In this work, Magda has developed a new range of glazes that offer more expressive rocky textures. The finish is matt and the colors are rich, while the black clay contrasts smoothly underneath. Inspiration is drawn from many disparate sources including natural landscape, found objects, History and human behavior. The use of a small black cylinder attached to the main body of the vessel creates a visual statement. “Solines”, which means pipes in Greek, translate the intention for the pieces to be attached as regular pipes do. These vessels may or may not be connected, as a metaphor of the human condition in general and the lack of communication due to language barrier in particular. It reflects Bethani’s personal journey of being away from home and communicating without using her mother tongue.


Solines Series

Black clay, Textured Blue Stoneware Glaze, with attachment 

Thrown on the wheel


Dimensions: H25cm W13cm D13cm